Keep Walking…

I haven’t written in a few days. The days are exhausting and we don’t eat till 8 pm. Some nights I just want to hit the bed but then we have to pack our backpacks for the next day and get suitcases repacked if we are moving to a new hotel. Alarm is set for 6:15 am, breakfast is at 7 am. Pedro, our guide wants us on the bus at 8 am so we don’t have to walk much in the heat of the day. Luckily enough, the weather has been cooler and today’s short rain was a welcome relief from the heat.

I liked Oporto very much. It is the 2nd largest city in Portugal, after Lisbon and was an outpost of the Roman empire dating back to the 4th century. Had a great shopping expedition and adventure to find a store Kellie, my roommate, had seen the day before. We finally found the store and Kellie found exactly what she wanted. We call that shopping karma. We walked along the river and took a funicular to get to the top of the street from the river.

Next walking day took us to Ponte de Lima, one of the oldest towns in Portugal founded in 1125. It was originally a Roman settlement and now has 2800 inhabitants. Beautiful river where the group met to talk about our day. Miles and miles of cobblestone streets made the trek more difficult and some of us felt very challenged. The traffic through the small towns was heavier and harder to negotiate.

Today we walked from Rubiaes towards Tui and crossed into Spain. We went through a forest and it was much more rural with streams, sheep, chickens and geese who harassed us as we passed. I feel so comfortable in Spain and am happy to be here. We are now in the town of Pontevedra in Galicia that was also part of the Roman empire in the 1st century. My feet are still achy, left ankle still swollen but feeling yummy after a bath. Why don’t they make large deep tubs the norm in American homes?

I continue to be impressed with the ability of our large group to be flexible and go with the flow. There is a lot of generosity and good will towards each other. We often feel like we know each other very well, perhaps for lifetimes. There is an amazing amount of communication between group members so that occasional misunderstandings are easily and quickly cleared.

Next we walk to Caldas de Reis.


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