Roots & Branches – Qi Gong


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Qi Gong is a practice of personal healing and involves the breath, movement, and awareness of your own relationship to yourself and to Spirit.  It is about healing and restoration and how you connect to the world around you. 

Qi is our life force.   It’s the energy that flows within you and gives you the capacity for movement, thought, and connection.  Gong means dedicated practice.  The practice of Qi Gong is about generating more of this Qi to support your functioning and strengthening your health in all ways.  It uses movements, postures, and the breath to generate this qi.  Using Qi Gong can also assist with the loss of qi due to serious illness, both physical and emotional. 

Specific Qi Gong exercises help by fortifying the “Jing” which are the deepest energies of the body and are the basis of our daily life.  These exercises not only help the physical body, but help balance the emotions and spirit.  This includes the will, self-determination, love and compassion.  By including Qi Gong exercises into your daily practice, you will be closer to living a more balanced, healthier lifestyle.



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