Element: Water – Winter

The Classical Five Element system of medicine is based in nature.  We are now nearing the end of the season of Winter which is associated with the Water Element.  While Winter may appear dark and cold, life continues to go on beneath the surface.  Winter is a time of rest and a time to protect the reserves that we gathered during the harvest. If we have not created our reserves for the winter or we have used them up, there are dire consequences.

These reserves are very important and must not be depleted or we risk fatigue, aching bones, weak knees, etc.  Winter is the time we hibernate and recharge so we can eventually burst into Spring.  The growth in Spring and Summer depends on building and maintaining our reserves in the winter.  If this is not done and there are drought conditions, people become fearful and apprehensive.  The consequences are enormous to not having enough water.  This fear arises from imbalance in the Water Element.

The Officials or Meridians associated with the Water Element are Kidney and Bladder.  The Kidney Official works with the Bladder Official to maintain the water supply for the body, mind, and spirit.  The strength and stamina which we call on throughout the year, depends on the strength of the reserves we have built up during the winter.  Our strength of will and determination of spirit also comes from these reserves.

CHINESE ACUPUNCTURE ELEMENTSThe emotion of fear is associated with the Water Element.  If there is no harvest and you have nothing in your storehouse, and nothing in reserve, the emotion of fear occurs.  Fear can be adaptive in that it keeps us cautious, prevents us from being reckless, alerts us to the possibility of danger.  Some people are overly fearful because they lack an internal cushion.  They may be afraid of many things or perhaps everything feels like a threat to someone with a water imbalance.  There are also those who mask these fears with an apparent lack of fear.  These people may appear fearless and do dangerous things but their behavior is still based on fear.  Bad habits and long term drug use will also damage these Officials.

The Classical Five Element practitioner will determine where the imbalance lies then treat the individual to balance body, mind and spirit. This process helps bring the person into integrity and alignment. In this way, acupuncture facilitates the natural healing process.


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