Emotional Health

Confronting Old Fears

I was so surprised today when someone told me that my actions of the day “inspired” them.  Earlier in the day I had asked her…

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Qi Mail – December 2014 Newsletter

The Addiction-Willpower Connection According to acupuncture and Oriental medicine, emotions originate internally from different organs inside the body. Conditions and events in the external world…

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Element: Water – Winter

The Classical Five Element system of medicine is based in nature.  We are now nearing the end of the season of Winter which is associated…

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January – Qi Mail

The start of the new year is a time of looking back at what we have achieved in the past year and looking forward to…

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Roots & Branches – Qi Gong

Taken from theinnerspace.net Qi Gong is a practice of personal healing and involves the breath, movement, and awareness of your own…

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December Newsletter – Qi Mail

  Nurture Your Emotional Wellness The holiday season can be filled with a dizzying array of demands, visitors, travel and frantic shopping trips. For many…

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