Welcome to Your New Path to Wellness

Element5 Acupuncture in Las Vegas, Nevada provides a warm inviting space that helps facilitate your healing process. Dr. Stephanie Jordan is a Classical 5 Element Acupuncture practitioner trained in the style developed by JR Worsley. She has also been trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Herbal formulas.

It is recognized that human beings are more than just a body. How we think and feel can be just as responsible for being out of balance as an injury or other internal condition. During the intake evaluation, what you share, assists in making the correct diagnosis.

Oriental medicine focuses on the concept of Qi which is our life force.  Qi runs through our bodies–its in our blood, our tissues, our organs.  It is what helps to keep us alive and gives us our vitality and vibrancy.   Good health occurs when this Qi is flowing through us in a harmonious and balanced way.  When Qi doesn’t flow well we become ill. From that information individual points are chosen.

You are invited to explore these pages where you can learn about our practice and read about different topics of interest. You may educate yourself about various treatments and modalities and download patient forms prior to your consultation.

Specialities: Assessment of body, mind, and spirit. Points are carefully selected in order to take into consideration where an individual is in their life and whether they are in need of healing on a physical, emotional, and/or spiritual level.

Patients are also assessed according to Traditional Chinese Medicine when appropriate.  

The condition of the tongue and pulse changes are important indications of progress in treatment.  

Finding the most appropriate modalities is an important focus of the work.